Isolation in participation

Days passed by like a blink of an eye. It is very weird to know that when you want to pass time, the clock doesn't tick. However, when you care damn about what's happening with life and just get engaged with some activities, you get old before the clock finishes its round. Yes, I am talking about how fast days passed without my notice.

There were no posts recently and I was not updating my facebook status too. Sounds like I was isolated totally but hell no. I was more active than before and for those who wanted to know what kept me so busy, here it is.

It was photography which kept me occupied for a long time and then some trips. But, where are all the pictures I took since three years now? Well, I have been only learning and not really publishing pictures. So, there is something which I want to share with everyone and I will make sure it doesn't bore you guys.

Apart from photography, I have also been exploring life and started an NGO called Gnaan Foundation. This is the main project which made me disconnected from writing posts here. For those who wanted to know what made me start an NGO, it is simple. I wanted to give back something to society. Something which is very very essential to mankind after meeting basic needs of life. EDUCATION, that's the very essential source for a good human being on planet. At my work, I discussed with my colleague and we stood on a common platform to see what we could really do. My mom being a head mistress of a Govt. School, I further discussed with her and registered the organisation. It is wonderful experience overall to run an NGO with only one mission in mind: Make every child feel that childhood is a synonym for learning.

I shall now keep you all engaged with many things that I encounter in life and shall share my knowledge. Leave your valuable comments and enjoy your visit to

For those who want to know more about Gnaan Foundation, please visit or

-Chakradhar Kaveri