Night FX

Learning is a never ending job. And with photography, there is always a new look for any object in front of you. This time, I was playing with Shutter Speed and explored new techniques.

I had been to my grandmother's place in Tirumala and parked my car infront of her house. After my meal, I came out of house for a fresh air and a walk. Being a piligrim place, there are vehicles running 24x7 in the town. Whenever I think of night photography, I'm always pulled back saying 'not this time'. Somehow, I thought I will finally experiment with shutter speed and took out my camera and tripod to shoot a picture of my car with lights of other vehicles striking the image. I took around 50 images with different settings and they were all unique from each other. It was getting late in the night and grandma starting calling me in but i was so involved in this light effects experiment that I nearly spent 2 hours understanding the behaviour. I was overwhelmed with the outcome of the images and thought it was a good decision made after all.