Huge Projector

During the recent past, we have evolved a lot in terms of electronics. If I look back 20 years, we had a portable 14" monochrome (black and white) television which was like a biggest buddy for 80s and early 90s. My dad suddenly brought home a BPL 21" TV and it shocked me with a surprise. I just loved the upgrade and it was celebration for the eyes. Then followed 29" TV and 32" LCD as time passed by. There are so many advancements in the technology today in terms of display, that it is highly impossible for anyone to say what do we see in future.

But since my childhood, I have always been seeing this sky in high quality true colors (Highest Definition). What makes it exhibit so vibrant and live colors dynamically?

I know for a fact that base requirement for the projector to work is the light passing thru a spinning wheel. Now that we have a natural source of light, I wish we could invent that spinning wheel with a movie strip through which sun light passes. We would then have a biggest projector in Universe. Whole country could see the cricket match on one screen (No audio though).

This picture was taken just after the sunset at Nandi hills as a small tribute to nature and its beauty.